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What to Do If You Can’t Find a Job After College

Marketing yourself to get the job you want

In this series, we focus on all the factors that contribute to a successful job search for recent college graduates who are embarking on their first full-time job search. Today’s focus is gearing up to advocate for yourself during your job search. That might sound a bit scary if you have never had to do anything that put the ball in your hands to pitch yourself to someone officially.

An important part of every job search is to prepare to fully market yourself to potential employers. For recent college graduates, looking for a job after graduation, this can seem to be an insurmountable task.

Many recent graduates under sell their accomplishments and skill assets. This is where the career coaches at Priority Candidates step in. We work with you to rigorously review everything you have done, to identify the transferable skills and accomplishments that employers seek. This is a precursor to preparing for interviews.

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We work with you to capture all of the raw content down on paper, then move on to organizing and prioritizing it into portions of information you can relay in a variety of ways during your job search. You first need to know yourself and then you can work to practice and refine how you will speak about your strengths and achievements with future employers.

People tend to think negatively of themselves and down play their personal assets. This might be because they don’t want to appear boastful, but more likely, for college students specifically, they are simply preparing for something that is a completely unchartered territory. Our experience as coaches for college level job seekers equips Priority Candidates to guide people through this journey, mapping it out every step of the way. You are unique and we want to help you sort through all your stories and experiences.

Armed with your raw material, you are ready to work with us to build your career assets - such as your resumé and cover letter - but most importantly to set the stage so that you can prepare for formal interviewing.

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