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Management Consultant Career Specialist

“In my work, I always strive to help candidates hone and amplify their unique, existing skills while finding opportunities to build a complete set of talents and abilities that employers are seeking.” — Matt Essert

Matt specializes in helping college students and young professionals demystify and prepare for the management consulting interview process. Matt’s career journey provides him with the experience and understanding needed to crack and conquer consulting interviews. Matt has conducted hundreds of hours of case interviews and worked with numerous students and graduates to help them break down the case interview process and effectively prepare to secure internships and full-time roles in both major and specialized consulting firms.

Matt began his career in the digital media and communications industry before earning his MBA at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. While completing his MBA, he was a career coach for the Tuck Business Bridge summer program, working one-on-one with college students and recent graduates to help them think through career options, workshop cover letters, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles; as well as held webinars about recruiting/interviewing for various industries, and conducted mock interviews. At Tuck, Matt pursued post-graduate employment in management consulting and joined EY-Parthenon’s New York Office. At EY-Parthenon, he was active in on-campus recruiting, both in identifying potential candidates as well as the interview and hiring decision process. He is currently Director of Strategy & Transformation, Global Commercial Services, at American Express. Matt also holds a BA in Philosophy from McGill University.

Matt was fantastic in demystifying the casing part of the consulting recruiting process. Our sessions were immensely helpful in developing, and later refining, as well as pressure testing my casing skills. From breaking down the various elements to the case to determining ways to work on each part to strengthen the overall delivery, Matt provided insight and feedback that aligned with what firms seek.

College Student, Management Consulting Track