How to Change Your Career & Get a New Job

It’s very normal for people in their 20s to begin questioning if they are pursuing the right career path. With over 900 careers to choose from, it can be overwhelming!

Many educated, hard working, individuals find themselves wondering, “When is it time to change jobs?”

Career Change Quiz:

  • Do you feel like you’ve gotten lost on your career journey?

  • Do you feel pressured to have everything figured out?

  • Are you thinking, “Should I change jobs?”

  • Are you underemployed?

  • Is your day-to-day work taking you in the right direction?

  • Are you stuck in a negative work environment?

  • Are you feeling burned out?

  • Do you think your current job is a good fit for you?

  • Are you wondering what’s next with your career?

You’re not alone!

“Thanks so much for all your help and coaching along the way. I really feel like the coaching and advice in tandem with the interview practice got me to where I am… this [new job] feels right.”

Will, University of Wisconsin Business School

The people who seek our help for a job transition have realized their current job isn’t aligned with who they are. Many don’t have a formal career plan.

“I accepted the position. Based on the career assessment, it really is a great combination of my strengths in data analysis with my passion for business. I want to thank you for all of your help. Working with ESC through the process has helped me learn more about my strengths and weaknesses, and how to apply them to different roles. You have been very helpful to talk to, and had great insights and advice.”

Jacob, University of Pennsylvania

How to Change Jobs

These are the steps of our carefully guided, curated process that we take with our clients to get them hired into their right-fit career.


Work with our career assessment specialist to clarify your career path. Get career matches that align with your thinking styles, behaviors, and interests, through a holistic lens. Understand your strengths and challenges, and how they relate to job and work environments.


Your career assessment enables us to match you up with a career transition coach who is compatible with your styles and experienced in your specific career area. Your coach will walk with you through the job search process, starting with an in-depth career exploration session to understand your experiences, accomplishments, and unique capabilities.

Your coach will also help you identify skill gaps and strategies to close them. This becomes the foundation for your job search plan. Additionally, you will receive technology skills training to sharpen your competitive edge.


Your coach will develop a powerful new resume and cover letter optimized to get you through applicant tracking systems. They will also create a stand-out LinkedIn profile that increases your visibility with hiring managers while teaching you how to use LinkedIn’s powerful job search capabilities. Your coach will teach you how to network comfortably and effectively — online and in person.

Interview skills training includes learning how to tell your personal story powerfully and how to address many interview questions. You will be coached to succeed in all types of interviewing — phone, video, virtual, and in-person interviews.

The final step is learning how to effectively find the right-fit jobs. Working with your career transition coach you will identify target companies that match your interests and learn how to source appropriate job opportunities.

“We work with you throughout your career change journey, to make your job transition a success.”