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Management Consulting Track

Specialized Case Study Intervew Preparation

Management Consulting interviews require specific case interview preparation. It is critical to do extensive case study preparation to understand the strategies for mastering these interviews, which are the basis for determining hiring decisions. Our Management Consulting Interview Specialist (a former Management Consultant) will guide you through 10 casing sessions to build and refine the specific skills required to get hired by a top consulting firm.

In addition to behavioral interview training with your Priority Candidates career coach, our Management Consulting specialist will work through the following steps by:

Providing an introduction to the process with an overview of the three different formats for case study interviews (standard, written/paper, and group)

Conducting 10 one-hour sessions, with the first 5 sessions focused on educating you about strategies, and the next 5 sessions providing additional training and refining case study interview techniques

Instructing you on how to partner with a peer to practice additional case study interviews with different audiences

Helping you understand how to solve complex business problems by reinforcing an analytical and structured approach

Giving detailed guidance and feedback on each case, emphasizing quantitative reasoning, effective communication, and general business acumen

Conducting post-interview debriefs and preparing for next steps in the interview process


Selected Hiring Outcomes

Priority Candidates has helped clients get internships and jobs with these institutions.

Alvarez and Marsal
Booz Allen Hamilton
L.E.K. Consulting
Farient Advisors
ITR Economics
Simon-Kucher & Partners
Slalom Consulting
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