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Lesley Mitler

Career Coach & Founder

In 2009, after more than 20 years as a successful executive recruiter, Lesley Mitler founded Priority Candidates and shifted her focus from placing established professionals to helping recent college graduates transition into careers.

Since Lesley had so much experience placing senior level executives, she was uniquely poised to advise younger applicants on how to look at their career in the long term. Lesley works closely as a senior career coach, helping our young adult clients navigate the multiple steps needed to get hired. She also oversees our other coaches, monitoring and optimizing the progress of clients and their individual job searches.


99% Client Placement Success Rate

“Their strategic advice is applicable to today’s technology- and social media-driven marketplace, while their tactical plan was tailored to highlight my strengths and mitigate my weaknesses.”

Sam, Loyola University

We Are Here to Help You Navigate Today’s Job Market

We are experts at transitioning Generation Z and Millennial college students and graduates into their careers. This is our sole focus.

We work tirelessly with and for our clients, providing “white glove service” — our track record is proof of our success.

Finding Your First Job

College graduates are entering a competitive and increasingly demanding workplace — they need an edge. Creating the right resume, knowing how to approach potential connections, identifying the right jobs, and preparing for interviews — are all stressful and overwhelming.

Some graduates are in such a rush to land a job — any job — that they sometimes jump into the first position they’re offered. Taking the wrong job can sometimes be worse than not having any job at all. Most job seekers lack the skills, experience, and awareness to get the positions that will help launch their career.

Our career consultants give you the career advice and job-search guidance you need. We work with our clients every step of the way — from preparation, to application, to interview coaching, to job offer – to ensure they get hired. Our program is tailored to each individual client, and we work intensely with each college student or recent graduate to help them navigate their early career launch and maximize their potential.


Gone are the days when any internship was a valuable addition to your resume. Today’s college students and graduates must be more strategic as they explore career options. We help students navigate this daunting process, targeting right-fit internships, developing the skills they need to be competitive job applicants, and landing the most coveted internship positions.

We then coach our clients through their internship, allowing them to maximize their experience and leverage their connections, since over 70 percent of full-time jobs are filled through referrals and personal introductions.

“They have the experience and industry knowledge to push young professionals outside of their comfort zone.”

Joan, Brown University

Career Changes

For young professionals in the workforce, taking their career in a new direction can be a major challenge. Early careerists need to understand how to leverage their experiences to date, while identifying the skills they need to successfully pivot their career in a new direction.

Our career coaches provide decades of experience to help young professionals excel during these exciting career shifts. We work with early careerists to re-frame every aspect of their candidacy profile, approach the transition process thoughtfully and methodically, and ultimately guide our clients through the transition to their next job.

Priority Candidates Provides Professional Services for College Students & Recent Graduates

Our focus is exclusively on career coaching for students in college, recent graduates and millennials in transition, as we know personally and professionally that these young adults have specific needs unique to launching their careers. We are eager to work with motivated young adults throughout the U.S. and around the world. We only take on students and graduates that we believe can benefit from our customized services; those whom we believe we can be successful coaching.

Because we customize our approach for every client, we’re selective about our roster. We are unique, in that we are there for our clients from the day we’re hired to the day they’re hired. In fact, we often consult with clients even after they’ve gotten the job, helping them navigate that crucial first year of employment.