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“I feel incredibly fortunate to have assembled a team of professionals with tremendous talent, relevant experience, and genuine empathy. Our coaches build deep and trusting relationships, think innovatively, and provide individualized guidance through each step of our work together.”

“Our clients benefit from our exceptional knowledge of the job marketplace and our ability to help people get hired into the jobs they want.”

“I am enormously proud of our success.”

Lesley Mitler

Founder & Career Coach

A successful executive search consultant for over 20 years, Lesley knows how to prepare a candidate so they find the right job. Her considerable experience makes her the resource parents trust for resumé writing, LinkedIn optimization, upskilling, job sourcing, interview prep, and even salary negotiations.

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99% Client Success Rate


Get a plan. Find your success.

Most college students and recent graduates don’t have a good plan for starting their career. The career coaches at Priority Candidates work with you through every stage of the job search process.

We stay with you until you accept an offer. We are on call — start to finish.


Identify your best-fit career path


Build and execute your job search plan


Accept your job offer with confidence

Trying to find a job is overwhelming

Many students don’t understand their career options or the skills and experience required for those jobs. They accept the first job offered which can be a poor choice. This can lead to the feared quarter-life crisis.

We don’t want that for you.

  • Do you feel lost trying to navigate the 800+ potential careers?
  • Are you wasting time because you don’t know the steps to take to get hired?
  • Have you lost confidence because you’re being ignored by prospective employers?
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We keep your job search on track

We ensure you present yourself as a strong and viable candidate. We meet with you weekly, guide you through your applications, phone screenings, interviews and case studies.


How does our process work?

There are three phases to our stategic job search process.


Assess Your Career Path Options

  • Three Dimensional Career Assessment Testing
  • One-on-One Career Path Counseling
  • Career Coach Evaluation


Develop Your Comprehensive Job Search Plan

  • Refine Target Career Paths
  • Build ATS-Ready Resume (Applicant Tracking System)
  • Optimize LinkedIn Profile to Increase Visibility
  • Identify & Close Skill Gaps
  • Develop Your Brand and Story


Pursue Potential Opportunities

  • Intensive Interview Coaching
  • Build & Engage Your Professional Network
  • Create Customizable Cover Letters
  • Job Sourcing Research
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Get hired

into the job or internship you need to launch your professional career

Priority Candidates works exclusively with college students and recent graduates.