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How to Get An Internship

Are you a college student looking for an internship? Employers want real work experience, even for entry level positions. If you internships on your resumé, you will be a more competitive candidate in your future job search.

Find the internship you need
to launch your career

We know how to find internships for college students. More importantly, we identify opportunities that are relevant to your career path that:

  • Develop skills that are not taught in the classroom
  • Provide career-specific technical training
  • Build your professional network
  • May result in a full-time job offer
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Securing the right internship can determine whether you get your desired job in the future

We don’t want you to settle, because there’s a lot at stake. AI and Applicant Tracking Systems filter out 75% of all applications, recruiters only spend 6-7 seconds reading a resumé when they see it, and thousands of applicants are vying for coveted internships.


Our process works

  • We reconstruct your resumé so it is organized, clear, and is optimized for applicant tracking technology
  • Your coach teaches you to use LinkedIn as a networking & career search tool, maximizing the value of the platform
  • We identify potential connections in your network who can advocate for you through your internship search
  • Your coach crafts cover letters that align your skills with the requirements for each job application
  • Our interview skills specialist helps you build your story and prepares you to handle challenging questions
  • We create one-way video interviews so you can practice with the industry standard software used by most employers
  • Our team thoroughly prepares you for each interview and debriefs with you after

Every step of the journey we spend countless hours doing research into industries, companies, potential connections, and opportunities. We meet with you weekly, and sometimes more often, to keep you moving forward. We provide the accountability you need – always keeping the focus on securing the internship that will set you up for future success.

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Find the right Internship

We treat your internship search as if it were our own. We stay with you until you accept an offer, and we are on call from start to finish.


We save you time

Many college students waste time and effort applying for positions they aren’t qualified for. We are job sourcing specialists, finding the opportunities that are the best fit for you. Your coach is your personal job scout, identifying new internships as they are posted.

Priority Candidates knows how to make your internship search effective. We brief you with meaningful insights as you move through the process, because it’s our job to help you be the best candidate you can be.

Our career coaches have helped college students find internships in these & other areas

advocacy internships
commercial real estate internships
computer engineering internships
computer programming internships
computer science internships
communications & pr interships
consulting internships
corporate finance internships
data analyst internships
digital marketing internships
ecommerce internships
environmental engineering internships
environmental science internships
fashion marketing internships
finance internships
government affairs internships
healthcare marketing internships
investment banking internships
legislative internships
public affairs internships
quantitative analysis

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