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The Priority Candidates team has a 99% client success rate. Our process works.

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You are AMAZING — words cannot express our gratitude for all you’ve done. Thank you, thank you!

Parent Young Professional Changing Careers

Lesley – I just want to say that: YOU ARE GREAT. Steve’s new job is awesome. He is thrilled. We are thrilled. If you ever have a potential client who wants a reference, please refer them to me, and I will say you are the very best. Thank you so much!

Parent of Recent Graduate, Employed by Market Research Tech Company

I am so happy that Michael has been working with you! He has tremendous respect for you and your approach, and the whole team. It’s been incredibly reassuring for him, and me, to have the support.

Parent of Recent Grad
Employed by Major Sofware As A Service Company

Our daughter is VERY happy working with you. As a matter of fact, to quote her, “I LOVE Lesley! She is the hardest worker I have ever seen. She is the best!”

Parent of College Student
Investment Banking Summer Analyst

WOW! What a great experience. I wanted to let you know that my daughter had a fantastic experience working with Judy. She was a mentor and advisor every step of the way and knew when to let my daughter work on her own and knew exactly when to jump in. Judy took the worry off our plate and helped my daughter navigate the entire career search process. My daughter learned invaluable skills that will help her for years to come. She now has an outstanding resume, fantastic interview skills, and knows how to network. I would highly recommend Judy and Priority Candidates to any student or young adult embarking on a job search!

Parent of Young Professional
Employed by Major Entertainment Company

The work you did in one week with our daughter would have taken us months to accomplish.

Parent of College Student
Investment Banking Summer Analyst

Working with Matt was incredible. He was so helpful in introducing me to consulting and taking me from someone who had never cased before, into someone who was comfortable being creative with casing. From explaining all the elements, to giving feedback, to always being so supportive with the elements of applying for management consulting, Matt was always such a cheerful and helpful presence. I can say that having him as an advisor made the process so much smoother and less intimidating! Matt was always open to hop on a call when I had last-minute interviews coming up and they truly did the most to help boost my confidence and hone my casing skills!

College Student
Management Consulting Track

My son worked with Lesley on two occasions and both times had an amazing experience. She is an outstanding resource for students and young professionals who are looking for a summer internship or embarking on a first or second career. Lesley guided my son through every step of the internship process from revamping his resume and cover letter, to coaching him for the interviews. Lesley taught my son how to network with alumni from his school and how to turn informational interviews into potential job opportunities. In the end my son was a true believer in the process and learned a tremendous amount from Lesley and her team. Kudos to Lesley and Priority Candidates!

Parent of Young Professional
Employed by a Top Commercial Real Estate Company

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen our daughter so happy professionally. She loves her new job — the CEO is fantastic, he values her opinion, trusts her judgment, welcomes her authenticity… and her colleagues are smart, fun, and hard working. Seriously, isn’t that what every early grad deserves! I know how instrumental you were during a very vulnerable time in her life and I wanted to thank you again for the way you guided and motivated her during an emotional transition. It worked!

Parent of Young Professional
Employed by Leading Technology Company

Thank you so much Sarah! I really appreciate how much care you put into our sessions. I am so grateful for your help. I hope we can keep in touch as I work towards the next stages of my career.

Young Professional
Employed by Communications Company

I just wanted to reach out to let you know how this summer went. I got a return offer, and I got recommended to be a part of their leadership development program once I graduate! It was a great summer experience and a great program. Thank you so much for helping me get this internship. It really helped me grow and learn a lot! I’m so grateful for you and your team for everything that you have done for me!

College Student
Data Science Intern

Thank you as always for all of your help this summer, your continuous positivity and guidance was instrumental to my success.

College Student
Investment Banking Summer Analyst

When I was young college student, I had a general sense of what kind of internship and job I wanted but had little to no idea about the specific direction I wanted to pursue. Initially, I was planning to follow the path that seemed common among my peers. However, when it comes to finding an outstanding internship or job, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of where you want to apply, especially in today’s competitive market.

When I started to work with Lesley as a junior in college and began to go through the job search process, I not only found a career coach that helped me achieve my goals, but someone who helped me determine what my goals actually are. In doing the career assessment (which is a thorough examination of one’s skills and interest) I was able to see what roles actually aligned with my passions. Importantly, I learned that if I had pursued the job search based on my social circles interest, I may have chosen the wrong path. For this reason, I am so glad to have had the opportunity to work with Lesley. Her extensive knowledge of both the job markets as well as her knowledge of people helps her provide advice on both the direction one should take that aligns with their interest but also to achieve those goals once established.

Upon finding what type of career I would both enjoy and excel in, Lesley helped source relevant job offerings that provided me with the opportunity to showcase my skills but also to gain new ones along the way. She provided invaluable assistance with writing cover letters, thorough interview preparation, and essential networking suggestions. Throughout the entire recruitment cycle, Lesley was my supportive partner, helping me find a job that not only suits me but also aligns with my long-term aspirations.

Columbia University Student
Sales Leadership Development Program at Major Healthcare Company

We very much appreciate your efforts. Our son has learned many important lessons through this process that will benefit him in the future. We credit you and your team for helping him succeed.

College Student
Congressional Intern

After many months and countless thank you notes, the time has finally come for me to write one to you! I sought help from you when I was filled with doubt about my career and next steps. I truly felt unable to do it all on my own. Your support has been invaluable, from when I was seconds away from quitting my job (numerous times) to navigating communication with everyone. Thank you for being a steady voice of reason and reassurance which gave me the confidence to get to where I am today. I’m moving on to this next career step with more confidence, composure, and knowledge — thanks to you and your team. I know this experience will serve me well, not just in professional environments, but ultimately in life, too.

Young Professional
Employed by Luxury Retailer

I want to say a huge “Thank You!” to you and your team. I’ve been extremely impressed at every step, and we see now how EVERY STEP was useful and necessary. You have provided an invaluable service, one that’s needed as much or more today than ever. Having worked with you, I see a world class skill, matched with a driving and uplifting personality. You’re the best!

Parent of Recent Grad
Investment Banking Analyst

We would like to thank you, Lesley, and the rest of the team that supported our son throughout this process. It was amazing to see how his job search really took off and the interviews started to trickle in after a relatively short time. Working with you gave him that most valuable tool, confidence, and he started believing he could succeed. We could see his resolve build day by day as he developed more clarity about what he really wanted to do. The prior months were so hard for him and to see him now is heartwarming. As they say, it takes a village and you were the right people at the right time. It is good to know that he will enter the next stage of his life with you in his back pocket!

Parent of Recent Grad
Real Estate Finance Analyst

Thank you Cheryl! You were amazing — best advice I’ve ever got for interviews. Thank you SO much for all your help.

Creative Writing Masters Program

I received the best possible support and guidance during my internship search and application process, essential for my success in acquiring my ideal internship for the summer of 2021. While the COVID-19 pandemic limited the scope of employment opportunities worldwide, your team turned such an uncertain undertaking into a growth moment and were indispensable in minimizing the stress inherent to the job search. I especially found your team collaboration an incredibly powerful tool that offered consistency throughout the process. Your passion for your work and desire for my success is unparalleled. I will forever be grateful!

College Student
Digital Marketing Intern

As I come up on my first day at the new job, I wanted to thank you for all of the help you gave me. We, together, during Covid, went through one of the craziest years possible, and it means a lot that you saw me through to the end of my job search.

Young Professional
Employed by a Luxury Fashion Brand

What a wonderful thrill to be able to end the week with a HUGE thank you to you and your amazing coaches! We are absolutely over the moon about our son’s new position and are so grateful for the incredible guidance, support and advice your team provided him all along the way. He is an awesome guy to begin with, but your expertise in packaging him really got the attention of just the right people. He felt so confident and supported every step of the way — from creating his résumé and LinkedIn profile, to the search process, to honing his interview skills, and even up through yesterday with the final negotiation. Our son appreciated every step of the process, and we consider your serivces to be the best graduation gift we ever could have given him. We are so grateful for all you have done to help our guy land his dream job. Here’s to the start of what’s hopefully a very rewarding career!

Parent of Recent Grad School Grad
Employed by a Professional Sports League

I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you SO much for all of the time and hard work that you did to help our daughter. She is SO excited about her summer internship. It was definitely a reality shock to see how much competition she faced as a sophomore. She could not have done it without you.

Parent of College Student
Employed by an Advertising Agency

I owe you a big thank you. I am very appreciative of the work you have done for me. We never gave up and never settled and it paid off.

College Student
Sports Marketing Intern

As the mother of a recent college graduate, I was absolutely thrilled with your coaching services! Lesley, you and your team were consistently smart and savvy, as well as professional and supportive to both my son and me every step of the way! I witnessed firsthand how you carefully guided my son through the entire job application process — from research, to resume building, to submitting applications, to the interview process and follow-up — and I was incredibly impressed by the transformation of a hard working, fun loving college student into an accomplished, professional young man!

I am very happy to say that my son was offered a coveted post graduate job in the field of his choice (before he finished school), and I am convinced that this would not have happened if we had not engaged you to help him navigate the process. Lesley, you were absolutely fantastic and I recommend your services wholeheartedly!

Parent of Recent Graduate
Employed by a Professional Sports Team

Lesley worked with our daughter to secure a full-time position post-graduation. The shift in my daughter’s confidence has been amazing. In today’s complicated world, Lesley provides specific advice relative to the job market which my husband and I would never have known. She also knew how to build my daughter’s confidence one step at a time. The services Lesley has provided have been priceless! We are so grateful our daughter is off to a strong start in her career right out of college.

Parent of Recent Grad
Employed in Public Relations