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Master Career Coach

“I help students and graduates form their job search strategy, move through the execution of the many steps, and serve as their accountability partner.” — Judy Panagakos

Judy guides college students and recent graduates through their early career choices. She works across career specializations with a particular focus on clients looking for positions in STEM.

Leveraging her extensive corporate experience, she collaborates closely with clients, helping them develop and implement comprehensive job search strategies that serve as a strong foundation for lifelong career development. Her holistic approach encompasses various aspects of the early career job search, from crafting personalized branding to honing interviewing and networking skills, identifying valuable opportunities, and transitioning from student life to the professional world. Judy has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to supporting individuals in achieving their professional aspirations.

Judy spent 4 years working with Lesley and her team at Early Stage Careers as a private coach. Prior to that, she worked for JP Morgan Chase in New York City for over 31 years. Working within Human Resources, she held specialized roles such as Business Advisor, Recruiting, Global Onboarding and Offboarding. Judy was instrumental in the recruitment of college students for internships and training programs.

Judy holds a BA in Economics & Urban Studies from Lehigh University and earned a Master’s degree in Information Science from Rutgers University.

Judy actively engages in philanthropic pursuits. She serves as the Treasurer for the Yakima Valley Libraries Foundation Board. She dedicates time locally to the Red Cross, Earth Day Team, DAR Literacy Committee, as well as the national Books to People in Prison Network. Through her involvement, Judy strives to make a positive impact by promoting literacy, environmental conservation, and social justice initiatives.

Judy’s passion for coaching, corporate experience, and her commitment to community service make her an invaluable asset to our organization and a trusted partner for individuals navigating their early careers.

We very much appreciate your efforts. Our son has learned many important lessons through this process that will benefit him in the future. We credit you and your team for helping him succeed.

College Student
Internship with Congresswoman in DC