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Investment Banking & Financial Services

Specialized Intervew Preparation

Investment banking & financial services interviews require meticulous preparation, addressing both technical and behavioral questions. Candidates must thoroughly prepare for accounting, global market, and economic related questions, regardless of their major or completed coursework.

In addition to behavioral interview training with your Priority Candidates career coach, our Investment Banking Specialist (a current Investment Banker) conducts breakout sessions focusing on technical banking questions to address:

Accounting concepts, including understanding the relationship between the three main financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow)

Responding to valuation questions including the three main valuation methodologies, how to walk through them; knowing how to describe each step in detail with definitions of sub topics such as WACC, terminal value, etc.

Reviewing the most frequently asked questions from the Investment Banking 400 Question Guide

Mock interview to prepare for a “super day,” including practice to help candidates respond to unfamiliar questions and brain teasers, which require one to think on their feet

Commonly asked behavioral questions; how to discuss a current deal of company you are following; how to deliver a stock pitch, etc.

Understanding current investment banking terminology


Selected Hiring Outcomes

Priority Candidates has helped clients get internships and jobs with these institutions.

Alliance Global Partners
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Bank of America
BNY Mellon
Cantor Fitzgerald
Credit Suisse
Deutsche Bank
EPIC (Frenkel Group)
Federal Reserve Bank
Goldman Sachs
Guggenheim Securities
Jefferies Group
JP Morgan Chase
LPL Financial
Macquarie Group
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Mizuho Bank
Morgan Stanley
Northwestern Mutual
Seer Capital
TD Bank
US Bank
Valley Bank
Valkryie Trading
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