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Find Your Career Direction

Are you a college student, recent graduate, or young professional struggling to figure out what to do? Personalized career planning from Priority Candidates will move you from indecision to a meaningful career direction.

There are over 800 careers to choose from

If you don’t know which path to take, you…

  • Waste time pursuing jobs that aren’t a good fit
  • Get frustrated because you’re not living up to your potential
  • Lose confidence and self-esteem
  • Feel stuck because you don’t know what to do next

We don’t want that for you. Priority Candidates helps college students, recent graduates, and young professionals find their career path.

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Our Career Assessment Program Will Give You Direction

We combine a scientific data-driven approach with deep insights gained from guided career planning conversations to provide a sharp focus on your unique attributes and the careers that best match your profile.


We help you identify your strengths so you don’t waste time exploring careers that aren’t a good fit

Your assessment specialist is an experienced career planning consultant who is able to identify the best job matches:

  • For your thinking styles, behaviors, and interests
  • That give you the greatest opportunity for career success
  • Where you are most likely to be happy
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Your Next Step


Your Next Step


College students, use your assessment outcomes to guide your course selection, or as the foundation for our Internship Coaching Program


Graduates, use your career matches to initiate your job search, or enter into the Priority Candidates Career Coaching Program


Individuals, dissatisfied and looking to change careers, use your results to move in a new direction, or begin our Career Pivot Program

Let’s talk about how you can find career success

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