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What to Do If You Can’t Find a Job After College

Improve your interview skills and land the job

Everyone knows that interviews are an important part of job searching. Some people even think interviews are the ONLY thing they need to prepare for. As we evaluate whether a coaching program makes sense for a prospective client, we help explore the level of preparation for every aspect of the search before we begin.

When it comes to interviewing, there are 3 important FACTS to face.

  • You will spend a lot of time getting ready to interview.
  • You will not likely have very many interviews in the entirety of your first job search after college. Each opportunity is precious.
  • The interview training and practice we provide will serve you well for the rest of your life.
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99% Client Success Rate


During your career, you will meet new people, need to build rapport, and “sell yourself” almost every day for the rest of your life. This is where your career coach at Priority Candidates comes in, teaching you the techniques, making you practice in a variety of formats: phone screens, one-way video interviews, and in person interviews.

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We practice general questions and technical questions. We work to prepare you for routine and unexpected situations that come up during the interview process. We work with you closely to ensure you are ready for anything, and can nimbly address whatever arises.

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