So you might be wondering what happens once the career assessment program is over?

Many of our clients will use this program as a foundation to move into one of our career coaching programs, where our career coaches will be able to build upon and execute a customized job plan just for you. Some of our clients will use it as a standalone offering, validating their career direction, and then helping them to move forward on their own.

In both of those situations, there’s going to be a final meeting that’s completed by the Priority Candidates coaches to ensure that you’re feeling empowered and ready to move forward. We’re going to make sure that you’re ready for career coaching if that’s the next step, graduate school planning, if that’s the next step, and also the important deadlines for applications, because timing is everything, especially for certain careers like investment banking and consulting.

It pays to start early. It really does. Sixty eight percent of employers prefer candidates with relevant work experience and fifty four percent of college graduate job offers resulted from internships.

It’s really important to strategically plan out your internships, and the assessment process will absolutely help you with that.