You might ask if there are any additional outcomes to this process, and the answer is absolutely. There definitely are additional outcomes.

It’s a rare opportunity to take the time and reflect upon and focus on self care for your future. It just is. And this assessment process gives you that opportunity.

Each person that works with me takes their own unique journey. My role is to be your guide, but this is your journey. The assessment process journey might start off like a feeling for a need for specific answers to questions like, “What is my career path going to be? What is my major going to be? I don’t like what I’m doing now after college, and I want to pivot and do something else.”

You’re going to get an answer to these questions. You definitely are, but there’s so much more to it than this because you’re more than your college degree or your first job.

You’re going to come to me with a problem to solve, and I’m going to identify the issues and suggest results that you can then take and move forward with.

This process is also going to help you with a lot of other things. The first is feeling self confident and self aware. This is so important to me. Many of our clients come to us, and they’re not feeling very confident about where they are in their career journey. This is really normal.

One of the ways I measure my success is by how confident you feel when you’re finished with this process. I want you to walk away from this process feeling so much more confident about your future. And you will.

Also, during this process, you’re going to gain a whole new language to leverage your performance and interviews. You’ll find ways to talk about yourself that you didn’t even know before. Because during the assessment process, you’re going to we’re going to talk about what makes you uniquely you and how to talk about you in ways where you’re sitting and interviewing and talking about yourself and getting great answers that other people that are interviewing for the same positions are not going to have that same kind of knowledge. So it’s really helpful in that way.

This process is also going to help to figure out the roles that hobbies might have in your life. So for instance, we have a lot of creative lines that come to us. And they might say, you know, I’m really creative. I want to figure out how this is going to blend into my career, but I just don’t know how. We’ll help you with that. And finally, the results are dynamic, meaning that they’re going to last. So at the end of this whole process, you’ll get a really comprehensive long report from me with a lot of information that you’ll be able to take and use and reflect upon years after going through this assessment process.