There’s a lot of information to share about the career assessment process, but there are three key points that I would like to emphasize. The first is that if you’re feeling stalled, stuck, or overwhelmed about career direction, please consider a career assessment.

Second, it pays to start early. Clients and their families are coming to us earlier and earlier. It might be because of a change, the changing market conditions, or because of, the accelerated hiring process, but more time is valuable and it’s valuable to you. So give yourself the time to test roles with internships if you can. And if you’re someone who is further along in college or maybe you graduate from college, that’s okay. Work with you too, and we get great results. But if you have the time, start early.

And number three, with information from the assessment, you can validate you the goals that you already have, and you can create new goals. And that’s going to feel really good, and I want that for you. I’ve worked with so many clients that have gone on to do really great things, and I know that this process works.

I also want to say that the coaches that I work with at, priority candidates are just amazing. They really are. Finding career success is it’s a huge challenge that you face. It really is, and our coaches have a very high success rate and we’ll work closely with you through every state of the process from the time that you start until you accept an offer. So if you want coaching, beyond the assessment, just know it’s available to you. But if the timing isn’t right, you can always come back to coaching when you’re ready. The assessment alone will help you to map out your career path though.

And I’m just going to end by saying this. Like almost every college student I’ve ever known, including me, you might not know completely where you’re heading at. And that’s okay.

And it’s also really normal.

But I hope that you feel encouraged that, there is a career assessment program out there for you, and it can help you. If we work together, I’m going to work with you to get a plan and find your success. And I really love when that happens.