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What to Do If You Can’t Find a Job After College

Identifying the right people to advocate for you

When you graduate from college and start looking for a job, there are many steps to consider. At Priority Candidates, we help lay out all the steps for our clients so that they are getting the full view. We want them to begin with the end in mind - successfully starting your first job & launching your professional career.

One of the most important components is identifying people to advocate for you. This is important at every stage in the search. Often people think of references, who are people who will speak on your behalf at the END of the job search process, when a company is finalizing your employment. Those people are important and we work with clients to identify them early on, so they are ready with people to turn to when the time comes. Lining up people to help you is a persistent part of the job search.

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Job seekers need to identify jobs to apply to, but coupled with that they need to find internal company advocates who can help boost their candidacy. We coach our clients on how to identify people to serve in this capacity. We also advise them on how to engage with those people and prepare them with messages, both written and verbal to prepare for those crucial conversations.

People with internal advocates have a greater likelihood of getting invited to interview. If this practice of engaging advocates is not part of your job search practice, you should consider working with a coach, to learn to incorporate this important aspect into your search.

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