Are you a college graduate in your 20’s? Are you feeling like it’s difficult to find a challenging yet rewarding career that aligns with your lifestyle, experience, and needs? Finding the right career path is essential for your career fulfillment. If you are a Gen Z or Millennial, and in a place where your career seems stagnant or emotionally draining, it might be time to consider a career change. So, how do you know? What are the signs?

Do any of these apply?

  • Every day feels like a struggle

  • It’s hard to focus on current tasks

  • You feel negative about upcoming projects

  • You daydream about doing something else

  • Feeling stuck or uncertain about your career direction

If these sound familiar, don’t be discouraged. We’re here to help you examine these roadblocks to success in your first job. Our career change quiz is the first step to help guide you through a job transition.

Once you realize your current job isn’t aligned with your lifestyle and skillset, it’s time to seek a career transition. To get started, ask yourself the hard questions.

Career Change Quiz

  • Do you feel like you’ve gotten lost on your career journey?

  • Do you feel pressured to have everything figured out?

  • Is your day-to-day work taking you in the right direction?

  • Are you wondering what’s next with your career?

Weigh the results. Your responses may provide an early indication that a career path change should be your top priority, or not.

Eager to Stay – With New Ideas

If you’re not ready to make a big career change, there are steps you can take to re-affirm your current situation. Start small. Research and expand your knowledge in your field, further skill-building which can lead to greater opportunities.

Simultaneously, find external, outside-of-work sources of satisfaction. Volunteer to leverage talents not used on the jobs. Develop or further pursue hobbies. Seek out peers who have similar careers or have a job you envision for your future. Also, continuously refresh your network.

Most importantly, keep doing your absolute best at your current job. These suggestions focus on cultivating your current role/current firm and position for long term success internally. If you don’t need to make an imminent job change, allow yourself to find joy in the present while building ideas for a future job search.

Ready. Set. Go! Make your Career Change

If all signs point to the need to get underway with making your career change now, it’s time to evaluate the resources available to you and assess the time you have to devote to your job search.

Changing jobs takes significant, focused personal effort. Whether you are finding a new role in your existing field, or pivoting toward an entirely different career path requiring a major career transition, seriously consider taking a career assessment inventory to clarify your career path and discover which career roles are best for you. You want every aspect of your efforts to truly propel you toward your end goal.

If you need help, consider our career change coaching services. Our career path quiz and the tips above are just the beginning — we want to help you make your best career change!

What Is a Career Coach?

As expert job search coaches and career guides, we partner with you to build a comprehensive job search strategy. We know how to assist you with your job search, starting with the essentials and working towards the outcome you desire. Here are some highlights of how our career coaching services can help you find a perfect career path.

  • We match you with an experienced career coach in your field who can relate to your style and goals

  • Your job search coach will help you leverage and strengthen your current skills while building a strategy and foundation for your needs

  • We help with the basics, such as building an effective, targeted resume and cover letter

  • More importantly, we help you develop comprehensive job search capabilities

  • We get you ready to succeed in your job search through mock interviews, technology skills training, job sourcing and expanding your network exponentially

Changing careers does not have to overwhelm you. We can guide you through this effort to make you ready and able to find that next perfect role. Priority Candidates has a successful multi-step process with experienced professionals who are here to guide you. We can help you recognize where your current job is failing to give you essential fulfillment and falling short of leveraging your best talents. As career transition specialists, we work with you throughout your career change journey, to make your career transition a success.