If you wake up and wonder if your existing job is the right fit before heading off to tackle the day, you are not alone. After all, only 40% of people are appropriately aligned with their current careers. With over 800 careers to choose from, it can be daunting to decide what career is right, and can be easy to become overwhelmed, indecisive, or to make the wrong move. It is imperative to evaluate your current career in terms of how you feel emotionally, the level at which you are being challenged, and how your current role will tie into your long-term career goals. If you are in the right job, you may need a clear path to build additional skills to chart a new course. Alternatively, you might desire a complete change of career direction to match your aptitudes and interests.

If you are contemplating a career change and wondering how to transition into a new career, take these four steps to effectively evaluate and execute your next career move:


Ask yourself some key questions to consider if you are ready for a career and job change. Take a career change quiz to learn where you stand in terms of feeling stuck, not challenged, burned out and more.


Completing a career assessment with a specialist can clarify how to choose your right-fit career path. Understanding your strengths and challenges is the first step in assessing how your skills and attributes will relate to the work environment. Priority Candidates’ specialists strictly use highly regarded pre- and post-employment career path assessments that are utilized by the Fortune 1000, premier companies. Results will leave the participant with holistic career matches that align with desired thinking styles, behaviors, and interests through the lens of real jobs today. Assessments help narrow down your search while alleviating stress and making the process more enjoyable.


The results from a career assessment can be helpful in matching you with a personalized career transition coach who is compatible with your styles, and experienced in your specific career area. At Priority Candidates, our coaches walk clients through the job search process, beginning with an in-depth career exploration session to understand their experiences, accomplishments, and unique capabilities. They identify skill gaps, and aid client progression by creating personal strategies to close them, integrating hands-on technology skills training to sharpen your competitive edge; building a foundation for your job search and, more importantly, your future.


Once you are ready to pursue your new career goal, a specialized, personal career coach who is experienced in your career stage, can aid in developing a powerful new resume and stand-out cover letter optimized to get through applicant tracking systems. There are many tasks associated with searching, applying, interviewing and following through to land a new role. Coaches can help in many ways and, most importantly, guide you to accelerate your networking outreach, often the most crucial element in a search. Working side by side with your coach, and having them invested and entrenched with you in your job search as if it was their own, you will develop routines to efficiently drive your quest for a new career direction and job.

People who seek help during a period of career uncertainty often need a framework and guidance to work through either a career change or job transition – and this can ultimately help them re-discover their joy in the work-world. If you are feeling like you have gotten lost on your career journey, pressured to have everything figured out, or are feeling burned out, you may be ready to learn how to transition from one career to another.

Remember, you are not alone and we are here to help. Armed with a career assessment, career transition coaching, and a job search plan, many find themselves progressing and growing at an accelerated pace.