How Does Career Coaching Work?

Students & Grads

We realize that up until this point, you have probably had limited work experience. Now suddenly you’re in college or recent graduated and the pressure is on to figure out your career. We also know that looking for an internship and subsequent employment after graduating seems like an overwhelming and confusing process.

That’s where we can help.

“[You] not only mitigated the stress of the process by constantly making themselves available to talk, but they also provided impactful tips and training that strengthened my resume and taught me valuable interviewing skills that prepared me to excel in high pressure situations.”

Jenny, Yale University

We work with you. We’ll coach you through the process of preparing you for your career, and then show you how to get there. By focusing your interests, coursework, and talents, we’ll empower you to get the kind of experiences that will act as stepping stones to initiate your career.

We’ll help you understand your strengths and show you how to become your own best advocate.

Since a large percentage of jobs are filled via referrals and introductions, we’ll show you how to become a networking pro.

We’ll show you how to leverage connections that may not even be obvious to you; giving you the ability to grow your contacts exponentially, providing access to an informal job market.

The skills you’ll learn don’t have an expiration date. For example: figuring out how to build your personal branding toolkit won’t just help you land an internship, it will help you advance your career.

“Throughout our work together, they acted as the push I needed to get in gear and work my resources, with the grace and thoroughness of a seasoned vet.”

Kate, Boston College

We work exclusively with college students, recent graduates and millennials in transition because we understand the unique challenges and needs you have as a young adult initiating your career. We’re here to guide you to options and help you make wise, informed decisions in the face of a very competitive job market.

“As the mother of a recent college graduate, I was absolutely thrilled with [you]! [You] were consistently smart and savvy, as well as professional and supportive to both my son and me every step of the way! I witnessed firsthand how they carefully and innovatively guided my son through the entire job application process - from research, to resume building, to submitting applications, to the interview process and follow-up - and I was incredibly impressed by the transformation of a hard-working, fun loving college student into an accomplished, professional young man!”

Gerry, parent of Syracuse University graduate


The evolution your child will go through as they transition from college student to full-time professional is one of the most exciting, yet also one of the most difficult, they will ever experience. It can be a time when even the most confident young adult flounders.

This fumbling is understandable. We hire tutors, SAT/ACT coaches, and educational advisors to help our children through high school to college; yet at this pivotal juncture, we expect them to figure out how to launch a career—something they have no experience doing.

After investing in your child financially and emotionally, it’s natural that you would want to help them find their way in the professional world. So how can you help?

This is where we come in.

“I have been very happy with their work, their advice, their communications with my son and I, and — most importantly — their availability whenever necessary.”

Frank, parent of a recent college grad & a recent MBA graduate

By combining our many years of complementary experiences, we have developed a hands-on, customized, internship and career-launching process that has been proven successful time after time. We work one-on-one with the student or recent grad to help them find meaningful internships and/or their first jobs—turning this uncertain time into a process that’s both enlightening and constructive.

As their advocates, we help and empower students to do as much as we believe they can; so they develop the tools and the foundation they need to become successful, independent adults.

“Throughout the whole process I truly felt that [you] cared about me. [You] were invested in who I am, my long-term career goals, and even my personal interests. [You] have continued to care about me even after I accepted my offer, and I can’t wait to work with [you] for the next year as I develop my career!”

Ben, University of Pennsylvania

Customized & Concierge Services


We work with college students and recent graduates at all stages in their job-search process. In some circumstances, we tailor and customize our services based on our assessment of a student/graduate’s situation and their needs. For more details on customized packages, please e-mail us!