Do You Need a Career Coach?

For most college students and young graduates, launching their career represents the first time they will break with the structure and support that has defined their academic years – and by and large, they are unprepared for this transition.

Young graduates are faced with a vastly different job market than their parents:

  • Companies use technology to screen and eliminate up to 75% of resumes

  • Number of career fields has increased nearly 300% in the past several decades

  • College graduates need technical skills and work experience to obtain an entry level job or internship, and no longer have the luxury of “learning on the job”.

Even for those with high GPAs at prestigious universities, a college degree is no guarantee of a good job - in fact 44% are underemployed. On average, college graduates take 7.4 months of full-time job searching until they find a job. (Federal Reserve Bank, NACE)

Are You Prepared for Your Career?

Research has shown that, students do not recognize the gaps and insufficiencies in their own skills and applications. 32% of all entry-level applicants are unqualified, and 99% of recruiters say applicants need to work on interview skills. (ICMS)

And unfortunately, college Career Services Offices – which are stretched in terms of manpower and resources, and ill equipped to adapt to the shifting job market – are not able to provide the individualized attention students and graduates need to launch their careers.

“It’s such a very difficult transition, regardless of the school one is coming from. You helped my kids so much and I’m very grateful. The universities don’t seem to prepare them for this challenge.”

Mary, parent

Where We Come In

Priority Candidates coaches work exclusively with students and recent graduates, providing the expertise and support they need to launch their careers. We identify skill deficiencies and help develop and hone their toolbox; we source and research targeted ‘right-fit’ job opportunities, and then help them develop the proficiency they need to ace the interview. We help them get the job.

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